Friday, September 16, 2016

6 Basic LinkedIn Activities that need to be done to attract new clients

6 Basic LinkedIn Activities that need to be done to attract new clients:

We all know that LinkedIn is the leading professional network on the web to date. It helps you build your professional brand and be able to market yourself with the ability to help you to build and maintain professional relationships, whereas you can turn these professional relationships into opportunities.

However, there are a few key points that many LinkedIn users do not know about or do not do. By doing 6 important LinkedIn activities daily/weekly/monthly, it can put your LinkedIn profile above the rest.

1.     Your LinkedIn profile should not simply just be a resume. Here is an opportunity to attract and engage your targeted audience. Getting the right prospects to your page is the key. Your head-shot and headline is what prospects first see on their “Whose Viewed Me” screen, having an appealing and compelling headline makes prospects want to engage and go to your profile. How can you help them? What problem can you solve?

2.     Check out who has viewed your LinkedIn profile every day, this can be found here. If you feel it could potentially be a beneficial relationship after looking at their profile, send them a personalized In Mail or even send a connection request and personalize the message, letting the other party know why it is you wanted to connect and how you can potentially work together.

3.     Respond to connection requests you receive and in a timely manner. At times you will not know the person who asked you to connect, but you should not ignore them completely because you never know what opportunity you are missing out on if declined. There are three options you have when responding to a connection request: you can either accept, ignore or reply without accepting.

4.     Join groups on LinkedIn, by joining and participating in groups this can drive prospects to your profile. LinkedIn groups are a great way to connect and network with your fellow colleagues and potential customers.

5.     Share content often, this will keep you active on your LinkedIn newsfeed. Exactly like Twitter and Facebook, you need to share content from your personal newsfeed, Pulse, company page, groups etc. If there is no consistent stream of interesting, useful, and appealing content your page will just start “collecting dust”, by sharing you are making potential prospects more aware of you.

6.     Add a LinkedIn share button to your website, by doing this it gives people the opportunity to share your content. Even a handful of LinkedIn shares from your website can expose you to bigger networks of potential customers. Sharing your own LinkedIn content is a great way to drive traffic to your site however this is limited to your network on the site.

With that being said, LinkedIn is any business professionals dream social network platform. It is the best place to connect with like-minded professionals who actually want your information.

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