Tuesday, January 10, 2017

LinkedIn’s Business PLUS NEW UI, what do you think?
            LinkedIn is busy rolling out a new Business Plus UI. It is here for some of us. They are mainly rolling it out in the USA first and then around the world.
In this blog it will be about what the new features are with the new LinkedIn Business Plus UI, what we find can benefit us and what we think we could do without. The reason why LinkedIn changed their UI is because they are wanting it to be more aligned with their mobile app. If you are a heavy LinkedIn mobile app user, you will probably find it easier to just jump between the two.

New LinkedIn UI homepage, on the left their will be a little snapshot of your profile. It has a small picture of your background image, your profile picture, your name, your professional headline, “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” and who has engaged with your articles and content.

In the middle of the home page you can see that the “share an article, photo or update” is on one line. The “publish an article” is on the second line (as compared to “share an update” on the left, “upload a photo” in the middle, and “write an article” on the right).

The only other feature (other than ads) on the homepage is the timeline. It looks pretty similar to the old timeline and your updates. What used to be the old profile section is now accessed through “Me”. You will also now access your privacy settings, your help settings as well as managing your premium account from this link. 

The new Background Image is a different dimension: 1536 x 738.  Your photo is smaller and circular.  Your professional headline is centered on the page, and people need to click “see more” on your summary to see more. You can no longer move your profile sections, which to me is a negative.

There are also changes when you look at other people’s profiles. The background image is a little different, the contact information of the profile you are looking at is to the right and the websites for your personalized LinkedIn URL can no longer be customized.

If you want to share a profile, remove a connection, block or report someone, unfollow someone, or request a recommendation that is all up on the top right-hand side – you just have to click on the three little dots. Very similar to the LinkedIn mobile app. Message is still in the middle of the profile header and Posts are still there too

In the free LinkedIn account there is no more tagging to be done. All the tagging is gone. You know only have 2 options for your connections and that is either to message them or block them. Unless you have Sales Navigator, which tagging can be done there. LinkedIn is very much so trying to get customers to convert over to Sales Navigator. Another thing is that they have taken away many of the advanced searches, this can only be done in Sales Navigator now.

At this time eLink Pro is working with the new LinkedIn UI, unlike Dux-Soup, Autopilot for LinkedIn and LinMailPro.